We're empowering professionals to deliver their services online.

The ability to provide face to face services has been a dream for a long time. Coviu integrates video consultations seamlessly into your existing workflow, making online service delivery a reality.

Coviu enables you to deliver your services online via a Web application hosted in the cloud. Practitioners of all professions are able to set up a video consultation environment in under 5 minutes and start delivering their services on mobile, desktop and Web platforms in a unified manner.

Coviu is an emerging startup out of Data61/CSIRO (formerly NICTA) offering an innovative digital service delivery platform underpinned by extensive WebRTC research and high level user experience design.

Coviu offers feature rich video collaboration using standard consumer hardware to deliver government, health and education services over consumer Internet.

Coviu’s expertise is in sharing specialised data in a meaningful way in a live session. Coviu has won a national iAward in the Regional, Inclusion & Community domain for our work in remote speech pathology and speech assessments.

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